Traffic Exchanges

Traffic Exchanges have been around on the internet, in one form or another, since the late 1990s. There are a few who are still going strong after 10 years!

The concept behind Traffic Exchanges is that you view other member’s sites in exchange for your site(s) being seen by them.

While the industry that benefits most from Traffic Exchanges are those in internet marketing (or make money online), that is not to say you can’t advertise your online store or business. You never know what products or services members might need.

Just about every traffic exchange offers a free membership with limited features. But don’t worry – you still need plenty of use from those features. If you upgrade, you can benefit even more.

Not only can you advertise your website, but you can also do banner and text link advertising. All three methods have good click-through rates.

Speaking of advertising your website(s) … since you only have anywhere from 5-30 seconds to capture the attention of the viewing member, you are strongly advised to create a splash page. What’s a splash page? It is a quick loading page that fits directly within the viewing area (no vertical scroll bars) that does a few things:

1. Brands You.
2. Entices the viewer to click through to the program or business you are advertising.
3. Captures leads (mailing lists) – this is optional and can be it’s own splash page.

Here are a few to join. They all have thousands of responsive, active members.

Traffic Splash
I Love Hits
Tezak Traffic Power
Traffic Taxis

Let’s explore using Traffic Exchanges further …

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