Remembering To Post

Tim Linden of Click Track Profit and TimTech LLC has created a simple, but nifty little WordPress plugin that allows you to see when you have posted.

Here’s the description from the WordPress plugins page:

Remembering to post every day, and which days you already posted, is super easy with this plugin. It shows you a calendar with days red when there isn’t a post, and days green when there is. Green days you can hover over and see the title of the post, and click to edit the post for that day.

This helps you keep an easier track of when you posted and how often. Great if you want to spread content over time.

Here’s a link to Tim’s post about his plugin, which will contain a link to acquire the plugin.

  1. Upload the .php file to the plugins folder in your WordPress blog files via Filezilla or other FTP program.
  2. Log into your WordPress Admin and go to the plugins section.
  3. Activate the Future Calendar plugin by Tim Linden.
  4. Go create a new blog post. You will see the calendar on the right hand side of the “Add New Post” page.


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Surf Promo Tip

Nearly every day of the week, there are surf promos. Whether it is in-house or between two or more traffic exchanges.

Most require you to surf a certain amount of pages. Some times you can surf just one of the exchanges in the promo or you may need to surf all of them (typically there are only two).

I am sure you already thought of this, but I just wanted to share this tip.

Since there will be hundreds, if not thousands, surfing that day in the promo … there are going to be a lot of eyes looking at ads. This is your opportunity to make sure your have plenty of credits allocated to your websites, banner ads, and text ads.

So, why not take the day prior to the promo and surf those participating exchanges and stock up on the credits and allocate them to your ads.

Then, participate in the promo yourself the next day and keep feeding credits to your ads so they are seen throughout the 24 hour period.

There are many folks who are surfing in the wee hours of the morning. This could be because of a medical condition, they surf before going to work, or they live in other time zones around the world. You NEVER know where your next sale or referral is going to come from – or when they will click your ads.


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Blocked Yet Again

Not sure if the title of this post is exactly accurate, but it’ll do.

I’ve now had two major computer problems (first the hard drive died and now I have a major trojan virus) that have put me way way behind schedule not only with client work and online business endeavors, but also with writing.

I wanted to have the first draft of my murder mystery novel done by the end of this month, but now I don’t see that happened considering I haven’t written much at all during the first 17 days of January.

And what’s worse, I have other stories floating around, forming in my brain. I feel like I have ADD when it comes to writing. LOL.

Ah well – hopefully things will calm down soon so I can get back on schedule in all aspects of my life that is dependent on the computer.

Why can’t technology just behave???

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Kudos All Around

I just wanted to give a shout-out to Jon Olson. He’s a Business Owner, Father, and now an Inspiration for many.

To make a long story short (and you could just read his blog), Jon vowed to make 2012 the year of change for himself. And one of the things he is changing is his health. And boy has he been diving into it! He’s doing a wonderful in getting into shape and losing weight!

He even did 21 minutes on the treadmill LIVE at TELive! And frankly, coming from someone who did a lot of sports back in high school and college, I know he did a great job of those 21 minutes.  He has great determination and drive which will only result in him reaching his personal weight loss and fitness goal.


I also wanted to give a big shout-out to the guys at They just recently moved their traffic exchange to a different script and are continuing to grow and expand. They are definitely hard-working and dedicated! And they now have the 5 levels of incremental CTP badges which you can earn everyday you surf there.


Lastly – I wanted to congratulate all of you who take the time each and every day to do something to further your online business. Whether it is something as small as making a blog post or doing a link exchange … all the way to something as big as surfing many hours for advertising credits or creating pages on your business website. Every little bit counts.

Today, my computer is down thanks to a lovely trojan. I’m on my husband’s older computer on which I will not surf, do PTC sites, or anything else because it’s an OLD computer! LOL So, I am working on my blog since I am behind in posting, catching up on some fan fiction stories I’ve been following, and reading up on some industry news. Little things, but will help to add up to saving time, keeping up with the industry, and more.

Only YOU can make YOU a success!


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The Hazards of Being Online

Thus far, 2012 is a not a good year for computers and I.

First, I started getting the blue screens of death. My computer repair guy said that the new 2012 version of AVG was causing havoc on a lot of computers. While my computer was with him, my hard drive started clicking … and it wasn’t long before it died. I did have an external hard drive, but had been unable to use it (long story). He got that working for me again, but I still lost a lot of important files.

I’ve had my computer back about 8 days now. Last night, I went and surfed a TE and also worked Clixsense’s Clixgrid. I believe that is where I got the trojan from which immediately started popping up dialog boxes all over the place. I couldn’t tell what was real Windows dialog boxes and what were fake trojan ones. I called my repair guy (it was 9pm at this point) and he confirmed it had to be a trojan. I couldn’t even get to his website so he could remote into my computer. I couldn’t even do anything in safe mode.

So – yet again I am down. Yes, I am on my husband’s computer, but it is OLD and can’t handle the programs I need to do my client work. I won’t even surf traffic exchanges or do PTC sites on his computer.  I hate this down time. I feel like the day is being wasted even though I can post on my blog and do other small stuffs. However, it does force me to do housework. LOL

Seriously, there are days where technology drives me nuts. I wish the “people” (and I use that term loosely) who create these trojans would put their obviously smart brain cells to better use – like solving diseases, helping their fellow man, etc.

I could rant about all that, but I am sure you and I have similar thoughts about the subject.

Naturally – the lesson(s) learned are: a) make sure your computer is very well protected against malware, viruses and trojans, and b) make sure to save anything you consider important to either an external hard drive, a CD, or even on a server at a hosting company (create a silly domain name, put up a plain page for the home page, and just store your stuff there).  I lost precious genealogy files when my hard drive went – I learned that lesson very painfully.

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