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Surf Promo Tip

Nearly every day of the week, there are surf promos. Whether it is in-house or between two or more traffic exchanges. Most require you to surf a certain amount of pages. Some times you can surf just one of the exchanges in the promo or you may need to surf all of them (typically there [...]

PhoenixRisingHits – Update

I’m so excited! I am almost done with creating Phoenix Rising Hits! Remaining on my to-do list is: finish creating some affiliate promotional splash pages, test the newsletter/email function, ask a few great folks to be test members and make sure there are no design odds n ends that I may have missed. I really [...]

Nerd Surfing +1

Nerd Surfing at Click Track Profit just became a bit more fun, more “creditable”, and much easier if you are trying for your Nerd Surfing Mastery badges! Internet Traffic 24/7, a James Dias traffic exchange, is not only a new addition to the TimTech LLC family, but has also been added to Nerd Surfing. There [...]

New TE – Biz Traffic Hub

I did it! I’m now a Traffic Exchange owner! Well, don’t get toooooo excited. *grins* Yes, I now own a traffic exchange, but it’s not like the “big dogs”, such as I Love Hits, StartXchange or TezakTrafficPower. Unfortunately, I don’t quite have the finances to buy the proper script, so I went with a stripped [...]

Halloween Referral Contest

My Personal Halloween Traffic Exchange Referral Contest!   Starts October 1st and Ends October 31st at midnight EST   One Prize: $15.00 (deposited into your PayPal account on November 15th)   Be my 50th referral* in any of the following traffic exchanges and be entered into a drawing for $15.00, to be sent to your [...]