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Changing Directions

Due to changes in my personal life, especially when it comes to finances, I have had to made some hard decisions about what I do online.  And what it basically boils down to is that I will be scaling back my Internet marketing activities on a large scale. Despite my efforts, things have not worked [...]

Kudos All Around

I just wanted to give a shout-out to Jon Olson. He’s a Business Owner, Father, and now an Inspiration for many. To make a long story short (and you could just read his blog), Jon vowed to make 2012 the year of change for himself. And one of the things he is changing is his [...]

Busy New Year’s Day

I know it’s a Sunday, and my husband and I typically try not to do any work/housework on Sundays, but after him and I being sick for cold/viruses for nearly two weeks, we were fairly behind on house cleaning and other things. He just had basic congestion and fatigue. I got the jackpot of: severe [...]

Re-designing the Blog

Excuse the dust while I try on new themes and freshen up the place. Thank you for  your patience! =) EDITED:  Ok – all updated. Hopefully, there aren’t any little problems I may have missed.    

Sad News, Needing to Vent

I was all prepared to create an entirely different video today, but before I could turn on the camera, I got a call from my Dad with sad news about my Grandmother. The video explains all. Back home, my house and my grandparents house were really near each other … just a major street separated [...]