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Attention Fledgling Forums and Blogs

On June 4th, I found a website program that is a great for fledgling forums and blogs. Postloop is a program that helps forums and blogs obtain quality and engaging comments/posters. And those comments/posters (members) earn from their work. How it works – Forum/Blog Owners Postloop will provide one file that you add to your [...]

The Hazards of Being Online

Thus far, 2012 is a not a good year for computers and I. First, I started getting the blue screens of death. My computer repair guy said that the new 2012 version of AVG was causing havoc on a lot of computers. While my computer was with him, my hard drive started clicking … and [...]

Yes! It has begun!

I have to tell you, I am getting really excited! From those in the industry who really care about your success – such as the fine folks from Click Track Profit and Traffic Exchange Live – I have heard over and over again for years that starting a business and earning from it takes time. [...]

Passion and Fears in Business

I am truly sorry that I did not advertise the conference that happened tonight, as there was a very special guest speaker for Randy Ritter’s “Road to Success” conference. Lt. Col. Robert “Waldo” Waldman – motivational speaker and best selling author.  – – – - It was a real joy to listen to [...]

Why Do You Have an Online Business?

Sorry I sound so “doll-drum” on this video. I tried several takes of this video, but just kept thinking about my husband (you’ll hear why in the video). I truly am more passionate than I sound here. =)   Click Track Profit – tools to build your business online Traffic Wave – build your list [...]