About Me

Barbara Eyre

Barbara Eyre

Born and raised in Des Plaines, Illinois, I spent most of the 1990s traveling the U.S. as I followed my favorite band, The Moody Blues, around from concert to concert; going to Arizona State University to study physics, geology, and mineralogy; living off and on in Ireland; and spending time learning a bit about myself.

I first went online in 1994 while at ASU. I “lived” in mIRC chat and got to know a Mac computer pretty well. Alas, I’ve been on a PC these last 14 or so years.

In 2000, I moved to North Carolina. A year later, I found the love of my life and has never spent a day apart from him. Now living in the Foothills region, me and my hubby spend our days working, chasing our four cats around the house due to one mischief or another, and debating about politics, religion, and whatever else that comes up.

I am the owner of Phoenix Rising Web Services, a small company that specializes in building and hosting websites for small businesses and individuals. We also provide monthly SEO and SEM services.

We love to build websites for small businesses, especially those who are just starting out. We tailor make each website to our clients’ needs. No project is too small. Like our motto says: Our business is helping your business succeed on the web.

I am also involved in various internet marketing activities, mainly affiliate marketing. I have a new website in development that I’ll be sharing with everyone in the coming months. Look for a post!

Between my business, running the household and sleeping, I also enjoy reading, watching a few TV shows, and cross stitching. I love reading Regency era romances, fantasy novels (think Terry Brooks, Robert Jordan, et al), and fan fiction. The few TV shows I watch are:  Castle, House M.D., True Blood, Vampire Diaries, Hell’s Kitchen, Lie to Me (cancelled – WTF?), Doctor Who, Sherlock, and various Mystery! programs via the BBC and PBS.

AND, when I have  a spare breath, I am working on my first novel – a police procedural/murder mystery.

Update Aug 24, 2011:  I am getting officially married October 8, 2011!