Attention Fledgling Forums and Blogs

On June 4th, I found a website program that is a great for fledgling forums and blogs.

Postloop is a program that helps forums and blogs obtain quality and engaging comments/posters. And those comments/posters (members) earn from their work.

How it works – Forum/Blog Owners

Postloop will provide one file that you add to your website. This file is used to communicate with Postloop to credit its members who post on your website.  You will also have to buy “points” – more on that in the next section.

How it works – Postloop members

You first join the Postloop forum, where you will make 10 quality posts as your application. You HAVE be able to write English very well – correct spelling and grammar. At no time will you be credited for quickie or spammy posts.

Once your application (your 10 posts) have been approved (it happened within 2 hours for me), you will then be able to join from a list of forum and blogs that have teamed up with Postloop. The purpose is to comment and post with meaningful content.

As you post at those forums and blogs, you earn points. The points you earn are debited from the points the forum/blog owners have bought. You will also be rated on your posts from time to time.

When you accumulate 100 points, you have reached the $5.00 payout minimum. You also have to have a rating that is equal to, or higher, than the membership average – which isn’t hard to do at all if you are active. Currently, PayPal is the only payment processor they utilize.

I reached the minimum payout level earlier today – so in just 3 days. And that is only with posting on 4 forums. I’ve since joined blogs to add into the mix. The only thing about blogs though is that, at least with those I have joined, you have to wait for your post to be moderated before it’s considered posted and thus you get your points credited.

Come join Postloop with me … be social, learn some interesting new things, and earn money and members!


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