Changing Directions

Due to changes in my personal life, especially when it comes to finances, I have had to made some hard decisions about what I do online.  And what it basically boils down to is that I will be scaling back my Internet marketing activities on a large scale. Despite my efforts, things have not worked out as I would have hoped.

I will also be scaling back my main online business of website design. Frankly, I am burnt out. That’s all I’ve done, day in and day out for the last 5 years. As I will mention a few paragraphs down, my life as a whole has suffered for it. No, I am not giving it up entirely. But I won’t schedule myself so tightly as to not have much breathing room. It caused way too much stress.

So, with that said, this blog will be going through a bit of an overhaul over the coming weeks as I shift the focus of the site from not so much traffic exchanges and supporting programs.  They will still be there, but just not as much so.

Since my schedule will change, I will be able to focus more on activities outside of the internet, on activities that have taken a back burner. In the last few years, I have not taken a lot of time for me. Not only has my physical health suffered, but also my emotional and mental health. Now I will have time to engage in activities that I enjoy, such as cross stitching and writing.

Thanks so much for reading my blog during my IM journey. I do hope you stay and continue with me!


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