Back in the Saddle Again

For the last two to three weeks, I have been writing, researching, learning and just doing a lot in regards to writing. I have even been plagued by plot bunnies?

What are plot bunnies?

What are bunnies famous for doing, other than being incredibly cute? They breed – and boy do they ever! So, a plot bunny is one that breeds other plots. Another words, you starting thinking of plot ideas (new stories) right and left. A pro to this is that you have a lot of material to write about for a long time to come. A con to this is that you tend not to focus on one particular piece at a time.

I had a case of plot bunnies earlier this week but I think I got a handle on it. One of the new little cuties has now become my main focus story to write at this point, tentatively titled: Matched by Magic.

The story features a Vampire, a Witch, and a human woman. While there will be horror elements in it, it is not a horror story. While it will have some erotic moments in it, it will not be an erotic novel – as it stands right now – all depends on how high I turn up the heat. *grins* But it is a romance story … well, it turns into one.  I think they classify it as Paranormal Romance. There’s a lot of angst and tension in the beginning … the romance grows in the latter part of the story.

I just started writing Matched by Magic yesterday so I am only in Chapter 1 with a word count of 838 words. I will be writing more here shortly.


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