Author with Same Name

How cool is that?

There is another author by the name of Barbara Joan Eyre – no relation that I know of.  She is most famous for her horror stories from the late 1970s, in the Fontana Book of Great Horror Stories anthologies.

The Internet Book List website lists Barbara as being in 2 Fontana anthologies.

The Internet Speculative Fiction Database lists a few more stories by her.

I hope to read her stories soon to get a better feel of her and her style.


There is also other authors with “Eyre” in their name …

Amanda Eyre Ward, an award-winning author of several books. My local library has one – will definitely check it out.

Mark D. Eyre – via the Independent Author Network

Elizabeth Eyre – pseudonym for 2 authors of Italian mysteries

Doug Eyre – Caricaturist, who also wrote a book about it.

David Eyre – Hawai’i author (no longer with us).

Justine Eyre – Actress who narrates audio books.

Banning Eyre – Music journalist and musician. He does have a book, but it’s hard to find reference to it on his website.


I am sure there are more authors, journalists, and the like with EYRE in their name. I know there are plenty of celebrities:

Sir Richard Eyre  – award-winning British actor. iMDB listing

Scott Alan Eyre – major league baseball player

Chris Eyre – award-winning Native American filmmaker and actor


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