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Author with Same Name

How cool is that? There is another author by the name of Barbara Joan Eyre – no relation that I know of.  She is most famous for her horror stories from the late 1970s, in the Fontana Book of Great Horror Stories anthologies. The Internet Book List website lists Barbara as being in 2 Fontana [...]

Things are coming along now

Every day, for over a week now, I have spent some time writing my current WIP (work in progress). They say (whoever “they” are) that it takes 21 days of doing something everyday consistently for it to become a habit – whether it is quitting smoking, cutting out soda, or writing. Matched by Magic is [...]

Back in the Saddle Again

For the last two to three weeks, I have been writing, researching, learning and just doing a lot in regards to writing. I have even been plagued by plot bunnies? What are plot bunnies? What are bunnies famous for doing, other than being incredibly cute? They breed – and boy do they ever! So, a [...]

Changing Directions

Due to changes in my personal life, especially when it comes to finances, I have had to made some hard decisions about what I do online.  And what it basically boils down to is that I will be scaling back my Internet marketing activities on a large scale. Despite my efforts, things have not worked [...]