Remembering To Post

Tim Linden of Click Track Profit and TimTech LLC has created a simple, but nifty little WordPress plugin that allows you to see when you have posted.

Here’s the description from the WordPress plugins page:

Remembering to post every day, and which days you already posted, is super easy with this plugin. It shows you a calendar with days red when there isn’t a post, and days green when there is. Green days you can hover over and see the title of the post, and click to edit the post for that day.

This helps you keep an easier track of when you posted and how often. Great if you want to spread content over time.

Here’s a link to Tim’s post about his plugin, which will contain a link to acquire the plugin.

  1. Upload the .php file to the plugins folder in your WordPress blog files via Filezilla or other FTP program.
  2. Log into your WordPress Admin and go to the plugins section.
  3. Activate the Future Calendar plugin by Tim Linden.
  4. Go create a new blog post. You will see the calendar on the right hand side of the “Add New Post” page.


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