The Hazards of Being Online

Thus far, 2012 is a not a good year for computers and I.

First, I started getting the blue screens of death. My computer repair guy said that the new 2012 version of AVG was causing havoc on a lot of computers. While my computer was with him, my hard drive started clicking … and it wasn’t long before it died. I did have an external hard drive, but had been unable to use it (long story). He got that working for me again, but I still lost a lot of important files.

I’ve had my computer back about 8 days now. Last night, I went and surfed a TE and also worked Clixsense’s Clixgrid. I believe that is where I got the trojan from which immediately started popping up dialog boxes all over the place. I couldn’t tell what was real Windows dialog boxes and what were fake trojan ones. I called my repair guy (it was 9pm at this point) and he confirmed it had to be a trojan. I couldn’t even get to his website so he could remote into my computer. I couldn’t even do anything in safe mode.

So – yet again I am down. Yes, I am on my husband’s computer, but it is OLD and can’t handle the programs I need to do my client work. I won’t even surf traffic exchanges or do PTC sites on his computer.  I hate this down time. I feel like the day is being wasted even though I can post on my blog and do other small stuffs. However, it does force me to do housework. LOL

Seriously, there are days where technology drives me nuts. I wish the “people” (and I use that term loosely) who create these trojans would put their obviously smart brain cells to better use – like solving diseases, helping their fellow man, etc.

I could rant about all that, but I am sure you and I have similar thoughts about the subject.

Naturally – the lesson(s) learned are: a) make sure your computer is very well protected against malware, viruses and trojans, and b) make sure to save anything you consider important to either an external hard drive, a CD, or even on a server at a hosting company (create a silly domain name, put up a plain page for the home page, and just store your stuff there).  I lost precious genealogy files when my hard drive went – I learned that lesson very painfully.

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