Yes! It has begun!

I have to tell you, I am getting really excited!

From those in the industry who really care about your success – such as the fine folks from Click Track Profit and Traffic Exchange Live – I have heard over and over again for years that starting a business and earning from it takes time.

Yes – it does take time.

And now I have proof that it is working … and no, I won’t do screen shots. You know what email inboxes look like with emails from the various traffic exchanges you are a member of that say: You got a new referral!

I’m getting those emails now. A few weeks ago, it was just one. The following week, maybe 2 emails. This past 8 days I have had 8 of them!

One of those was today, from Sakura Traffic.  AND – that person also upgraded right away – so I got my FIRST commission from a traffic exchange!  Wooohoo! Yes, it was only 10% of the upgrade, a total of $0.78 to me. But that is MINE. As a side note – I have to say that I just LOVE the graphs for this traffic exchange. Very beautifully done. Crispin has done an excellent job with his traffic exchange.

Only because of excuses that are my own (day job, sickness, etc), I have not advertised my affiliate links for Click Track Profit and traffic exchanges any where near as much as others have. The result being I haven’t had the success those folks have had early on.

But with 2012 – and with seeing that the process DOES WORK – that is all going to change. I will be working so much harder to advertise and let people know that the products, services, and training provided at Click Track Profit does help you succeed in your online business (no matter your niche!) and that you can make money from recommended those products and services to other online business owners.

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