Surf Promo Tip

Nearly every day of the week, there are surf promos. Whether it is in-house or between two or more traffic exchanges.

Most require you to surf a certain amount of pages. Some times you can surf just one of the exchanges in the promo or you may need to surf all of them (typically there are only two).

I am sure you already thought of this, but I just wanted to share this tip.

Since there will be hundreds, if not thousands, surfing that day in the promo … there are going to be a lot of eyes looking at ads. This is your opportunity to make sure your have plenty of credits allocated to your websites, banner ads, and text ads.

So, why not take the day prior to the promo and surf those participating exchanges and stock up on the credits and allocate them to your ads.

Then, participate in the promo yourself the next day and keep feeding credits to your ads so they are seen throughout the 24 hour period.

There are many folks who are surfing in the wee hours of the morning. This could be because of a medical condition, they surf before going to work, or they live in other time zones around the world. You NEVER know where your next sale or referral is going to come from – or when they will click your ads.


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2 Responses to “Surf Promo Tip”

  1. Barbara Eyre says:


    The Gals at always have great surf promos. And you have a wonderful new site also at Keep up the great work!

  2. Some great tips there Barbara. Thank you for participating in our surfing promo yesterday with Hot Flash Hits :)