Busy New Year’s Day

I know it’s a Sunday, and my husband and I typically try not to do any work/housework on Sundays, but after him and I being sick for cold/viruses for nearly two weeks, we were fairly behind on house cleaning and other things. He just had basic congestion and fatigue. I got the jackpot of: severe dizziness, fevers, and persistent, roaming headaches. Enough that it kept me from sitting at the computer or reading.

Yesterday and today was spent taking down Christmas decorations, putting up the garden hose for the season (before the truly cold weather hit), and pickup large dead limbs that came down in yesterday’s high winds.

That was His to-do list. Mine was (I’m on a 15 minute break at the moment): wash the kitchen and bathroom floors (done), wash rugs and cat bed (done, line drying), deep clean the bathroom (right after break – dust is the worst I tell ya!), and deep clean the shower curtain. HUH? Well, we bought a heavy duty thick one when we moved in here January 2009. There are no rips or tears. However, our water/pipes contain a lot of iron and thus there is always that icky orangish gunk that builds up on the curtain, tub, toilet, etc. So, I take the curtain outside and scrub it down on both sides and hang it to dry. It’s out on the line right now so I’ll take the opportunity to clean the bathroom.

Ok – house cleaning to-do list … check!

Tonight after dinner … work on my daily schedule. I am going to create a daily schedule that I am going to try for a few months and then alter as needed. On the schedule will be when I do: client work, my website work, PTC sites, surf certain traffic exchanges, write on my novel, and personal down time (cross stitch, read, watch TV/movies, stare at the wall and watch the paint peel).

Why the schedule? Time management and I are the worst of enemies. I stretch myself too thin and end up too tired/blah to do all the things I need to do. So, I am hoping this schedule will keep me on task. It might take a week or two to adjust as I learn how long it takes to get through certain tasks.

But, I’m determined to do this. I’m way behind on all the important things that I need to take care of. And losing time easily. Time that could have been used to create blog posts, advertise, make a video, etc – time wasted, which means potential commissions lost.

I am determined to make enough monthly, steadily, to allow for my husband to quit working in the factories. He’s been denying himself his own dreams for too darn long. He’s nearing 50 years old and it’s time for him to do what he wants – and he wants to write. His body is too beaten up to continue doing manual labor anymore. And I can’t work traditional jobs (cashier, retail, etc) due to my back … so I have to make my online business work.

Ok – you are probably bored to tears right now, if you even read this far. I applaud you if you did! *grins*

Off to clean that bathroom. Another break – make/eat dinner. And then work on that schedule.

What are your New Year changes?

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