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Surf Promo Tip

Nearly every day of the week, there are surf promos. Whether it is in-house or between two or more traffic exchanges. Most require you to surf a certain amount of pages. Some times you can surf just one of the exchanges in the promo or you may need to surf all of them (typically there [...]

Blocked Yet Again

Not sure if the title of this post is exactly accurate, but it’ll do. I’ve now had two major computer problems (first the hard drive died and now I have a major trojan virus) that have put me way way behind schedule not only with client work and online business endeavors, but also with writing. [...]

Kudos All Around

I just wanted to give a shout-out to Jon Olson. He’s a Business Owner, Father, and now an Inspiration for many. To make a long story short (and you could just read his blog), Jon vowed to make 2012 the year of change for himself. And one of the things he is changing is his [...]

The Hazards of Being Online

Thus far, 2012 is a not a good year for computers and I. First, I started getting the blue screens of death. My computer repair guy said that the new 2012 version of AVG was causing havoc on a lot of computers. While my computer was with him, my hard drive started clicking … and [...]

Busy New Year’s Day

I know it’s a Sunday, and my husband and I typically try not to do any work/housework on Sundays, but after him and I being sick for cold/viruses for nearly two weeks, we were fairly behind on house cleaning and other things. He just had basic congestion and fatigue. I got the jackpot of: severe [...]