Stuck on Editing … and Editing … and

I’ve spent the last few days hung up on editing and re-editing the first 30+ pages of my manuscript.

Mainly, I had a flash of brilliance (at least I think so!) which has caused me to go back and change a clue here, re-structure which character did what, etc.

I have also jumped towards the ending and started writing that. Why? Well, two reasons:

  1. I was stuck where I was. I didn’t know how to proceed without the detectives doing the same series of tasks in an ending loop. So, I needed to step back from that. Yet, I wanted to keep progressing on my novel. So, I jumped to the end. Work is still being done, right?
  2. By figuring out the ending and how all the accused get their comeuppances, I am hope it will help me with filler (need desperate help with filler!) and make sure I have all my little plot bunnies, clue, red herrings, and twists sorted out.

So, while I am still under 15,000 words as of right now, I feel I have made good progress on the book itself. I feel I have strengthened the overall plot, ramped up the intrigue a tad more, and provided more elements for the reader to play with.

I really wish I could start posting synopsis and such here, but there is a fine line on what to put public before publishing only because if an author puts too much online then it crosses over into being self-published and what-not. This is my first novel and I don’t want to jinx myself. So, ya’ll just gonna have to suffer for a bit longer! muhahaha!

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