I’m Catching the Bug Again!

Finally! Geesh!

Took long enough for me to re-catch that writing bug. It’s been roughly 3-4 months since I did any serious writing on my murder mystery novel. I hate that. I’ve been asked how that is going and it is embarrassing to say that I haven’t been writing. But, at least I was honest with them … and myself.

The other day, I started revisiting AbsoluteWrite.com – a great forum for writers of all genres and skill levels. You can learn so much from your peers and literary agents.  Last night, I was in the Mystery/Thriller/Suspense sub-forum and responded to a thread where the author had a very similar plot device to mine. That is great! At least I know my idea is not way off in left field.

What is even better is that that thread sparked an idea for one of my characters. Which is a good thing. Because I created a character and kind of just threw him into the story without any real plausible way he got there. Plus, it was just too “Castle“-ish. I’m not going to explain too much there least I give away a part of my story LOL.

Anyways, I opened my Notepad file where I type in snippets of odd thoughts to remember and did a little Q&A to help me work out this character’s reason for being. And it also rearranged a bit of which character did what in my story. But I’m a little worried that the new direction will be a touch cliche and that I should either: a) go back to the original way, or b) do a little mix between the two. *rubs chin thoughtfully* Hmmm. =)

So – since I don’t have any holiday plans this weekend, I think I will be WRITING! Wooohooo! =D

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