Sad News, Needing to Vent

I was all prepared to create an entirely different video today, but before I could turn on the camera, I got a call from my Dad with sad news about my Grandmother. The video explains all.

Back home, my house and my grandparents house were really near each other … just a major street separated our two neighborhoods. Grandpa died in 1985, age 75, due to complications of diabetes. I have fond memories of Grandma’s lemon squares, holiday dinners, sleeping over often, a money tree planted along the side of the house (silverish ‘leaves’), and bleeding heart plants in the back yard. She took me to my first concert ever at age 14 – The Monkees and Weird Al opened for them. She, Dad and I went to Ireland a year after Grandpa died and met with Grandpa’s first cousin, so is also now gone. And the last time I saw her was when she and Dad drive with me from Illinois to Arizona to get me settled into my new life at Arizona State University. She loves butterflies. She even made me a quilt with a matching pillow that has butterflies painted on some of the large squares.

It’s been tearing me up inside for years now on how I haven’t been able to afford to see her. I miss her terribly. There’s more I could write here, but … at the same time, I’m at a loss for words.

Now, I wanted to reiterate that, although I mention folks joining my new traffic exchange when it launches soon (Phoenix Rising Hits), I don’t mean it as a charity by any means. Like I said in the video, I could do with some cheer.  The purpose of Phoenix Rising Hits is to provide a clean, clutter-free environment for business owners to advertise their products and services to the public and to other businesses.


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