Nerd Surfing +1

Nerd Surfing at Click Track Profit just became a bit more fun, more “creditable”, and much easier if you are trying for your Nerd Surfing Mastery badges!

Internet Traffic 24/7, a James Dias traffic exchange, is not only a new addition to the TimTech LLC family, but has also been added to Nerd Surfing.

There are now 5 traffic exchanges where, if you surf all 5 at the same time, the green “nerd” glasses will turn green and you’ll be earning extra credits per click! And, if I understand where TimTech is going with all this, James’ other traffic exchange, The Traffic Dance, should also be added to nerd surfing in the near future!

Doing the Nerd Surfing Badge Mastery? — Here are a few TIPS!

Now that you have 5 traffic exchanges to do this with, the time it takes for you to reach each badge level should be much shorter.  While all 5 exchanges are worthy of your attention, for speed I would focus on I Love Hits, StartXchange, and IT247 while click on ThumbVu and Sweeva on occasion just to keep the glasses green.

Also, try to go for the 2000 nerd surfing badge each day you do this. This way, you also get the 100, 250, 500, and 1000 badges that you would need to get for each stage of the badge mastery. This significantly cuts down the time to finish the badge mastery as a whole.

UPDATED … just an hour later!

I’m in right now and here is the update …

TheTrafficDance will be added to Nerd Surfing in a few days.

However, NO MORE THAN 4! What does this mean? In order to get the credit bonus during nerd surfing, you just need to have 4 of the 5 (soon to be 6) nerd surfing sites running. Viewing 5 or more traffic exchanges at the time dilutes the results for advertisers. The main purpose is to view other advertisers’ websites and that is hard to do when you have so many TEs open. Give your fellow advertiser the same respect that you want.



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