You Have to Budget

Here is something that most people dread hearing about – budgeting your online business. As you surf traffic exchanges, post ads, and read newsletters, you are bombarded with offers to buy advertising, to upgrade, to purchase a new program. You would spend a small fortune if you did all that. And then there is no guarantee that you would recoup any of that money.

So, Jon Olson of TimTech, LLC made the video below today talking just a bit about budgeting. He was a working stiff, just like the rest of us. He stuck to a budget when starting his online business. Listen to what he has to say …

Oh! And here are some links he mentions throughout the video …

- Daily conference (audio, video, chat):  TE Live / Schedule

- Learn to Budget:  The Pizza Plan

- Autoresponder:  Traffic Wave

- Splash/Lead Capture designer:  AdKreator

- Marketing Hub/Organizer:  ClickTrackProfit

- Web Hosting:  Phoenix Rising Web Services

- Jon’s Blog:  HitExchangeNews


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