Starting My Own Traffic Exchange

I know there are just about literally hundreds of traffic exchanges out there. Some are leaders in the industry and others barely have 20 members to rub together.

So – why start my own?

A few reasons actually …

1.  Money

I don’t expect to make thousands out the gate each month. Heck, I would be tickled pink to clear $100 my first month. Baby steps.

2.  Learn

Owning your own TE is a good way to learn what goes on behind-the-scenes.

3.  I have a Plan

I currently own a business doing website design and hosting and SEO services – Phoenix Rising Web Services. I have an idea to expand on that by also having a traffic exchange (TE) and text ad exchange (TAE).

Initially, the traffic exchange I will be starting soon will not be apart of the above plan as I will be buying a very cheap script. I’ll be using this exchange to learn the ropes and the money it’ll bring in will pay for a better TE script (I’m thinking an LJ script) and that’s the one that will be a part of the Phoenix Rising family.

Little by little – baby steps.

I have a plan. I have a dream. And by golly, it’s gonna happen!

You know why?

1.  We desperately need a new car.

2.  We desperately have to get 3 cats fixed! LOL

3.  Both my husband and I need to see doctors (long story).

4.  And I need to get my husband out of the furniture factory. He’s been doing that work for over 20 years. His carpel tunnel is beyond surgery and he’s getting arthritis bad in his back, feet, and shoulders.

I’m gonna do this. I’m going to make this work … for him … for us.


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