New TE – Biz Traffic Hub

I did it! I’m now a Traffic Exchange owner!

Well, don’t get toooooo excited. *grins*

Yes, I now own a traffic exchange, but it’s not like the “big dogs”, such as I Love Hits, StartXchange or TezakTrafficPower.

Unfortunately, I don’t quite have the finances to buy the proper script, so I went with a stripped down script.

*  It still allows for website and banner advertising.

*  One upgrade membership level.

*  Credit and cash commissions on your referral’s activities and purchases.

*  You can win some random credits while surfing.

*  Basic chat feature while surfing.

*  Down line builder (based on programs the Admin adds). I have 15 of them added.

I’m sure there are a few more important features, but that gives you an idea of its capabilities.

Biz Traffic Hub

Graphic design is my weak point, so I hope to have better ones in the near future.

The main reason why I created is to provide a place for small business and website owners to advertise their niche websites. If you haven’t noticed (or perhaps you have), there is very little else being advertised at most traffic exchanges other than IM (internet marketing) and MMO (make money online) related programs.

But what about the affiliate marketer that has a niche website focused on products for pets? Or the small e-commerce owner selling his handmade wood-working products or clothing shop or crafts?  Or the small business owner who does not provide products but does provide a service (think real estate, legal services, consulting, repairs, etc).

I don’t expect to become big with this traffic exchange or to make gobs of money overnight. I’m taking this opportunity to get my feet wet on this side of the Admin. In a few months, I do want to have enough funds to buy a better script and open a 2nd traffic exchanges. I have BIG plans! =)

Stop on by Biz Traffic Hub today!


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