Lots of Homicide Research

The other day I went to the library with my husband. I was not planning on checking any books out only because I have a lot on my plate as it is right now.

However, I spotted a book and it led to me checking out 5 books. I doubt I’ll be able to read them all in a month, but I can certainly try.

4 of them are non-fiction.

1.  Homicide Special by Miles Corwin

2.  Profiles in Murder: An FBI Legend Dissects Killers and Their Crimes by Russell Vorpagel

3.  Homicide by David Simon

4.  Crime Beat by Michael Connelly … yes, the same Mystery writer – he was a crime reporter before he became a writer.

All these books go over the mind of criminals, especially those who committed homicide. There was also a book on Blood forensics, but I’ll get to that one later. Right now, I just wanted to delve deeper into all this so that I can better characterize the killer in my novel.

That character has been mentioned and seen but I can’t seem to “detail” him … whether now or later in the book. I know what I want him to be, but I need more dimension, more reason behind his crime(s). I’m hoping these books will spark some inspiration.

The 5th book is a how-to reference. You Can Write a Mystery by Gillian Roberts (which is a nom de plume).  Something to help us mystery writers … make sure we have the right elements in the right place.

So, even though I have roughly 1/3 of my novel’s first draft done, I’m still going to do this research to help me fine-tune some elements and characterizations.


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