I am a Leader!

I am so so SO sorry I missed last night’s conference in the TELive room, hosted by Randy Ritter – owner of TopFlightTraffic. Evidently, he had a standing ovation (if one could be had in an online conference room). Since I was not there, I will let Justin Ledvina of TimTech LLC tell you …

Read Justin’s reaction to Randy’s presentation …



Justin’s post mentioned taking risks. We all take risks in our day-to-day lives. Some are minor and other are life-changing (or potentially so). So no one is truly a stranger to the concept.  But it behooves us to hear of life-changing risk takers and how it turned out for them from time to time to help us … to give us a kick in the rear to make us take our own risks, those that we’ve been holding back on for one reason or another.

I’ve taken/will be taking 4 risks …

1.  Starting my own business after having a falling out with a business partner. Phoenix Rising Web Services. Being I’m a “one-man” company, I’m still fledgling but working hard at what I got.

2.  Getting back into Internet Marketing and being an Affiliate Marketer. I was never successful before (ie, never made one sale), but I’ve seen so many others be successful (ie, support families, etc) that I know I can do it. It just takes Patience, Persistence, and Passion.

3.  I have started my own traffic exchange, Biz Traffic Hub. The focus is on small business owners and affiliate marketers – those who earn affiliate commissions on selling products and/or services of others (ie, Amazon, Walmart, pet shops, etc). Most traffic exchanges are filled with internet marketing (IM) and make money online (MMO) stuff and e-commerce folks get lost in the shuffle.

4.  I’m getting married on October 8th at 3:00pm! Well, Don and I have been together for 10.5 years and we’ve considered each other husband and wife that whole time … now to make it legal. I guess most would say this wasn’t a true risk, but it is in a way. One never knows what the future will hold for us.

So … what risks are you willing to take? Do you have enough Patience, Persistence and Passion to then become a leader? Look inside … you may be surprised!


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