Halloween Referral Contest

My Personal Halloween Traffic Exchange Referral Contest!


Starts October 1st and Ends October 31st at midnight EST


One Prize: $15.00 (deposited into your PayPal account on November 15th)


Be my 50th referral* in any of the following traffic exchanges and be entered into a drawing for $15.00, to be sent to your PayPal account on November 15th.

The 50th referral* from each traffic exchange will be assigned a number. I will then use random.org to choose the number of who will be the final winner!

I will send the winner a private message via one of the featured traffic exchanges they joined during this promotion and ask for their PayPal email address.

If the chosen winner does not have a PayPal account, I will then use random.org again to select another winner.

Please only join a traffic exchange if you plan on being an active member. It would not be fair to the traffic exchanges to clog up their databases with inactive members just because they want a chance at $15.00.

* With that said, you must be an active member of the traffic exchange(s) you joined via this contest from the time you join through November 14th. Non-active referrals will not be considered for the drawing. Activity means adding websites, assigning credits, and surfing regularly.

Due to the nature of the holiday, many of these Halloween/Horror themed traffic exchanges will have extra activity on it – use it to your advantage and get your website(s) seen!

This contest is not sponsored by any of the featured traffic exchanges. This is my own personal referral contest. The prize money comes from my own personal funds.

Best of luck to everyone who participates!

Join any of these 11 Spooktacular Traffic Exchanges to Participate!

Haunted House Hits

Traffic Witch

Horror Movie Hits – Very popular, movie trivia

Scarecrow Hits – Hover surf, Gem points

Traffic Crypt

Traffic Mummy

Hits of the Vampire

Traffic Graveyard

Funnel Web Traffic

Surf Skeleton – CTP badges

Vampire Hits

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