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Lots of Homicide Research

The other day I went to the library with my husband. I was not planning on checking any books out only because I have a lot on my plate as it is right now. However, I spotted a book and it led to me checking out 5 books. I doubt I’ll be able to read [...]

Need some help with WordPress

Here’s a shout-out to anyone who can help me. I originally turned off commenting just because I always got spam a-plenty, no matter what I did. But I’ve gone back into the Discussion section of Admin and turned commenting back on and I still can’t get to work. I have not deleted any code from [...]

Thank You for my IPad!

I just wanted to do a quick thank you video to Shane and Blaine of Bad Marketing and SiteXplosion. I received my IPad yesterday and I’m very very happy!   By the way – why does YouTube always pick the worse poses to use as the preview image? Gawd! I look awful there! *chuckles*  

I am a Leader!

I am so so SO sorry I missed last night’s conference in the TELive room, hosted by Randy Ritter – owner of TopFlightTraffic. Evidently, he had a standing ovation (if one could be had in an online conference room). Since I was not there, I will let Justin Ledvina of TimTech LLC tell you … [...]

You Have to Budget

Here is something that most people dread hearing about – budgeting your online business. As you surf traffic exchanges, post ads, and read newsletters, you are bombarded with offers to buy advertising, to upgrade, to purchase a new program. You would spend a small fortune if you did all that. And then there is no [...]