The Three “P”s of Your Business

Patience – Persistence – Passion

Whether you have an online or offline business, you know it takes
time to:

- Get things set up
- To start gaining visitors
- To convert visitors to customers
- To gradually increase profit

Since it takes time, you need patience. And lots of it.
Rome wasn’t built in a day. You won’t be rolling in the dough
within 30 days.

Please, PLEASE note that you should NOT quit your day job until
you have had 3-4 months of consistant income that can replace
your current job AND the system you have in place is solid.

No one wants you to depend on any business model until you have
proven to yourself that you can live on the income it provides
(ie – pay rent, pay utilities, put food on the table, etc).


It’s been said that it takes an average of seeing an ad 7 times
before someone responds to that ad (assuming it attracts them).

How many times did you see the same ad in a traffic exchange before
you clicks on it to see what it was about?

Advertising and marketing are not only lessons in patience, but also
in learning to be persistent. Keep going. Don’t let a day with no
responses to your ads get you down. One day soon you will get so many
your head will spin! =)


Makes sure your business is what you have a passion in.
If you hate gardening, please don’t be in the business of selling
gardening information. Your lack of passion will show in all you do
and you won’t see that many sales.

But if you are passionate about your niche, it will definiately show
in all you do! The more excited you are, the more excited your
followers and customers will be.

An odd analogy, but think of pep rallies. The more upbeat and peppy
you are when talking to the audience, the more responsive those folks
will be when you want them:

- To give to charity
- Join you on a walk to fight cancer
- Sign a petition
- Buy your products

When you are passionate about your business, you have more credibility.
More credibility means more trust.
More trust garners sales.

Be patient.
Be persistent.
Be passionate.

Then you will be successful.

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