Getting Caught Up

Finally! My “day job” work load has finally eased up a bit so that I can get caught up on expanding my website/blog.

View the left-side column. Newly added are Traffic Exchanges I recommend and also internet marketing tools that I recommend. Feel free to explore.

I need to take the advice of so many successful business owners (offline and online) – do one project at a time! I tend to flutter from one project/program to another without allowing any one to gather momentum and produce results.

And it’s no wonder why I am not living up to my potential online! Jeez. :-) I have all this knowledge I’ve accumulated over the years here online, but have hardly put any of them into action – that isn’t setting a good example, now it is?

So, now is the time to get organized and set up a plan of action. Others are reaping the rewards of affiliate and internet marketing – and so can I.

And so can YOU!

First up – add more content here.

Additional to-do list:

  • Create splash pages for my site/blog.
  • Make sure all traffic exchanges I’m a member of are up-to-date.
  • Setup mailing list/autoresponder account at Traffic Wave.
  • Organize all the programs I’m an affiliate for – need to be able to keep track of affiliate commissions better! ;-)
  • Map out posts for here – observations, advice, etc from my experiences.


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