The Power of Evergreen Products

Evergreen Products

Ok, so you may or may not have heard of this term while surfing
around on the internet. What does the term mean and how can it
pertain to you?

So, evergreen trees are green practically year around, right?
They are always alive, growing, movin’ and shakin’.

Evergreen products are those products that are practically
always alive, growing, movin’ and shakin’. They are the ones
that are needed often by many and will tend not to fade away
like a latest trend.

Examples of Evergreen Products

- Autoresponder, like Traffic Wave

- Splash Pages, like those from AdKreator

- Places to advertise, like Traffic Exchanges

These, by no means, are the ONLY evergreen products out there
(think health and beauty aids, weight lose products, sporting
goods, etc), but these are some of the more important ones
where having your own online business is concerned.

So, other than needing these all-important resources for your
online business, how do they pertain to you?

Well, what if you STILL need a product to promote, or you would
like to have some extra income? The above evergreen products,
like many others, have Affiliate programs with them. This means
you can promote these products and make commission on the sale
of upgrades, advertising packages, and more! And since they are
evergreen you can make an income from them for a long time to come.

This also can tie in with Multiple Streams of Income.

If you have a brick-n-mortar store, you don’t sell just one
product (typically). No, you sell lots of products. Those
are multiple streams of income.

The same can be true for an online business, especially those of
us in Affiliate Marketing. We don’t put all our eggs into just
one basket. This is why, in the example of what I present to you
in my autoresponder series, you see many programs being suggested.
Not only are they important in and of themselves, they provide me
with multiple streams of income.

This is just ONE of the reasons why you may see splash pages
and ads for ClickTrackProfit just about everywhere. Not only is
it a great learning tool, you have fun and network … but
you also have an arsenal of evergreen, multiple streams of income
products to promote. A great all-in-one deal!

Check out Click-Track-Profit

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