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The Power of Evergreen Products

Evergreen Products Ok, so you may or may not have heard of this term while surfing around on the internet. What does the term mean and how can it pertain to you? So, evergreen trees are green practically year around, right? They are always alive, growing, movin’ and shakin’. Evergreen products are those products that [...]

New TE – Marketing Surf

There is a new traffic exchange that started today called »  The site design is very clean and professional. »  The surfing runs smoothly – haven’t run into any script glitches. »  Has some great promotional banners, splashes, and email templates. »  Features “Marketing Points” – you find points as you surf and once [...]

The Three “P”s of Your Business

Patience – Persistence – Passion Whether you have an online or offline business, you know it takes time to: – Get things set up – To start gaining visitors – To convert visitors to customers – To gradually increase profit Since it takes time, you need patience. And lots of it. Rome wasn’t built in [...]

I Finally Did It!

Since I have been dabbling in surfing traffic exchanges on and off since 2005 or thereabouts, I knew what I should have been doing to build an online business. But I didn’t. Why? *shrugs* Lack of confidence, always something else to do, who knows. However, I knew the importance of building a list if you [...]

Getting Caught Up

Finally! My “day job” work load has finally eased up a bit so that I can get caught up on expanding my website/blog. View the left-side column. Newly added are Traffic Exchanges I recommend and also internet marketing tools that I recommend. Feel free to explore. I need to take the advice of so many [...]