Michael Connelly and Harry Bosch

Unfortunately, I have not been reading them in order, but I am getting hooked on Michael Connelly’s detective Harry Bosch.

Hieronymus “Harry” Bosch is a Los Angeles homicide detective who has a lot of personal demons (at least that is my take on the character).  I just finished reading the 4th book – The Last Coyote – where he investigates his mother’s murder, which happened in the 1960s when Harry was just about 9 years old.

I read and read a lot. However, I didn’t notice how books were really written until I had the idea for my own book. Now I’m checking out murder mystery/police procedural novels for research.

I know there are many other superb authors in this genre – Patterson, Lehane, et al – but I’m personally drawn to Connelly’s Bosch. The character isn’t a ‘pretty boy’, he’s not pretentious, and he’s not a plastic super cop. He just seems to be an everyday normal guy who doesn’t take sh*t from anyone.

I’m not sure what age range Harry is … I’m guessing mid to late 40s.  Whereas, my main detective’s age is early 40s, but in very good physical condition (i.e, not half bad shirtless).  There are few commonalities between Bosch and my Abraham “Abe” Brannon, but they were established before I even knew Bosch existed. Like Bosch, Brannon makes his own way and doesn’t take any flack from anybody, he has the death of a loved one to deal with (sister) and hasn’t been too lucky in relationships.

While Bosch drinks and smokes, Brannon does neither (occasional beer is one thing), but he does love to tinker on his motorcycle when off the clock and work out with his weights at home. They each have their own way to deal with life – one’s is healthy and the other isn’t.

I’ve tried to envision what Harry Bosch looks like, but don’t know enough celebrities to attach a likeness to. My Abe Brannon look similar to Gerard Butler. I had Brannon’s looks mapped out first and then I found Butler to have the most similar attributes. I can see Butler on a Harley with well-defined arms and chest. *grins* So, he would make a good actor to represent my detective on the big screen. *hint hint*

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