Commenting on Blogs for SEO

One of the more common forms of obtaining one-way backlinks to your websites is in the form of commenting on blogs. Many blog platforms, such as Blogger and WordPress allow you to leave a name, a website, and often times, links within your comment. This gives you the opportunity to link back to your website using important anchor text.

However, the biggest problem with this, and it is something I have been experiencing on my blog here, is that people will write non-sense in their comments and link to their obviously spammy website.

The key is to post a comment to a post that applies to your website. If your website is about office chairs, do not post a comment about your latest ergonomic task chair inventory on a blog about Nascar. That is spamming and offering nothing useful to that conversation.

Yes, you can post a racing related comment on that blog and add your website link in the appropriate field. That is different. You haven’t spammed that person’s blog. You have added to the conversation.

I just deleted 16 such spam comments right now. This is why all comments are moderated before they are seen to the public. So, all those people who took the time to post non-sense never go the benefit of a one-way link back to their website. A waste of their time.  If this keeps up, I may just disable the comments section.

But I hate to do that because I want people to engage in a dialogue based on what I post. The internet superhighway is to share information with each other. Not spam each other.


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