Adventures in Giving Your Cats a Flea Bath

WHEW! Hubby and I just spent an hour giving 3 cats flea baths. The two males are powerful kitties. Their runt sister is no light-weight in the arm strength division either.

Our cats are:

  • Dotsie – 9.5 year old pure black, yellow-eyed girl cat.
  • Snowball (or Snowie) – 1.2 year old pure white, blue-eyed girl cat.
  • Casey – 1.2 year old pure white, blue-eyed boy cat.
  • Button – 1.2 year old pure white, green-eyed boy cat.

We have the two males in the basement. They actually have the full length of the house plus the stairwell. They’ve been down there until we could afford to get them fixed. Then the fleas started. They must have had eggs on them when we brought them indoors in early winter. *shrugs*

Either way, we’ve been battling the fleas for a week down. It’s been hard trying to find flea shampoo and other products that are NOT Hartz or Sergeants – both of which are horrid products.

We only did their little sister as a precaution because she did have fleas when we brought her in last August. We hadn’t seen a flea on her since. But we just wanted to make sure. Our 4th cat, whom we have had for 9 years avoided the flea bath … for now. She’s been an indoor cat since her birth.

Casey, Button, Snowy and their mother, Cotton (green-eyed pure white), were left out on our street last August. The kids must have been about 4 months old because the boys were not showing as boys at that point, if ya know what I mean. At first, we though there was just the one cat, Snowy. We took her in, kept her in the landing a few days and de-fleaed her. She then joined Dotsie upstairs.

After that, we saw Button, Casey and Cotton. Well, we just kept them outside, but they stayed in the yard (we built a cat house) and became our outdoor cats. Great cats all around. But, by August, Cotton was getting too friendly with other neighborhood cats (cue “wacka wacka music) and we had to unfortunately have the pound come and get her. And we brought in her sons, Casey and Button.

We were about ready to get the boys fixed, but now that’s on hold until we get the fleas under control. What stinks is that we have no where to place our 4 cats while we bomb the house with foggers.  So, we have to take the long route of flea baths, flea comb, powders, strategically sprayed bug sprays, and pans of shallow water with a lamp over them at night, and small amounts of apple cider vinegar in their water (over time, it is supposed to help repel fleas). Hubby went through a flea problem many years ago with his dog and he won the battle. Persistence is the key.

Poor cats are walking around licking themselves and occasionally shaking a back foot. They did really well in the bath though. No flailing about, no hissing, no scratching. Just trying really hard to grip the sides of the big plastic tote bin we use. A couple of more baths and they will be pros … and hopefully flea-free!

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