Attention Fledgling Forums and Blogs

On June 4th, I found a website program that is a great for fledgling forums and blogs.

Postloop is a program that helps forums and blogs obtain quality and engaging comments/posters. And those comments/posters (members) earn from their work.

How it works – Forum/Blog Owners

Postloop will provide one file that you add to your website. This file is used to communicate with Postloop to credit its members who post on your website.  You will also have to buy “points” – more on that in the next section.

How it works – Postloop members

You first join the Postloop forum, where you will make 10 quality posts as your application. You HAVE be able to write English very well – correct spelling and grammar. At no time will you be credited for quickie or spammy posts.

Once your application (your 10 posts) have been approved (it happened within 2 hours for me), you will then be able to join from a list of forum and blogs that have teamed up with Postloop. The purpose is to comment and post with meaningful content.

As you post at those forums and blogs, you earn points. The points you earn are debited from the points the forum/blog owners have bought. You will also be rated on your posts from time to time.

When you accumulate 100 points, you have reached the $5.00 payout minimum. You also have to have a rating that is equal to, or higher, than the membership average – which isn’t hard to do at all if you are active. Currently, PayPal is the only payment processor they utilize.

I reached the minimum payout level earlier today – so in just 3 days. And that is only with posting on 4 forums. I’ve since joined blogs to add into the mix. The only thing about blogs though is that, at least with those I have joined, you have to wait for your post to be moderated before it’s considered posted and thus you get your points credited.

Come join Postloop with me … be social, learn some interesting new things, and earn money and members!


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Author with Same Name

How cool is that?

There is another author by the name of Barbara Joan Eyre – no relation that I know of.  She is most famous for her horror stories from the late 1970s, in the Fontana Book of Great Horror Stories anthologies.

The Internet Book List website lists Barbara as being in 2 Fontana anthologies.

The Internet Speculative Fiction Database lists a few more stories by her.

I hope to read her stories soon to get a better feel of her and her style.


There is also other authors with “Eyre” in their name …

Amanda Eyre Ward, an award-winning author of several books. My local library has one – will definitely check it out.

Mark D. Eyre – via the Independent Author Network

Elizabeth Eyre – pseudonym for 2 authors of Italian mysteries

Doug Eyre – Caricaturist, who also wrote a book about it.

David Eyre – Hawai’i author (no longer with us).

Justine Eyre – Actress who narrates audio books.

Banning Eyre – Music journalist and musician. He does have a book, but it’s hard to find reference to it on his website.


I am sure there are more authors, journalists, and the like with EYRE in their name. I know there are plenty of celebrities:

Sir Richard Eyre  – award-winning British actor. iMDB listing

Scott Alan Eyre – major league baseball player

Chris Eyre – award-winning Native American filmmaker and actor


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Things are coming along now

Every day, for over a week now, I have spent some time writing my current WIP (work in progress). They say (whoever “they” are) that it takes 21 days of doing something everyday consistently for it to become a habit – whether it is quitting smoking, cutting out soda, or writing.

Matched by Magic is now up to 4200 words and I have started Chapter 3.

One of the strongest advice given to new authors is to just write the book. Create that first draft manuscript. Don’t keep going back over scenes and chapters combing for typos, tense usage problems, and anything else that is wrong. Just keep writing to the end. THEN go back through the manuscript.

I tried doing that, but got hung up half way through Chapter 2. Yeah, that early. I found I had to go back to Chapter 1 and clean it up, then I submitted it to the Share Your Work password-protected section of Absolute Write forums for feedback, and then act on some of the suggestions made. Why?

  • If I was making a POV error, I didn’t want to carry that through the rest of the story and then have to deal with the headache of trying to fix that throughout hundreds of pages.
  • If I was constructing dialogue wrong, I also didn’t want to carry that through the rest of the story.
  • Going back over actually gave me the opportunity to come up with additional scenes, dialogue, plot points (present and future) and more.

As a result, I think I have a richer first chapter of just over 2000 words. I’m sure it’ll need further editing, but that can wait until I’ve finished the first draft. But at least I won’t be embarrassed to have someone read that chapter as it stands.

I have Chapter 2 written, but now I need to go back over it. It’s more tell than show overall, even though I had tried to clean up saidisms (and more saidisms) and add a bit more action surrounding dialogue. I like Mr. Wood’s page on hedging words – something I need to go back and see if I have used them.

With that said, as now I have a better understanding of why it takes authors so long to write books. It is no where as easy as people seem to think. Even the seasoned veterans write a lousy first draft each time they start a story. Just like speeches have to be pre-written to make sure the message is clear and detailed, so do novels. Not only is it about the grammar and punctuation, but it’s also about keeping track of characters, situations, timelines, and in the case of sci-fi and fantasy, new worlds, aliens, mythical creatures, odd names, and more. There’s a lot to keep track of so that the finished product is as error-free as possible.

And that’s all before querying an agent or publisher to see if they want your story! Eeep! =)


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Back in the Saddle Again

For the last two to three weeks, I have been writing, researching, learning and just doing a lot in regards to writing. I have even been plagued by plot bunnies?

What are plot bunnies?

What are bunnies famous for doing, other than being incredibly cute? They breed – and boy do they ever! So, a plot bunny is one that breeds other plots. Another words, you starting thinking of plot ideas (new stories) right and left. A pro to this is that you have a lot of material to write about for a long time to come. A con to this is that you tend not to focus on one particular piece at a time.

I had a case of plot bunnies earlier this week but I think I got a handle on it. One of the new little cuties has now become my main focus story to write at this point, tentatively titled: Matched by Magic.

The story features a Vampire, a Witch, and a human woman. While there will be horror elements in it, it is not a horror story. While it will have some erotic moments in it, it will not be an erotic novel – as it stands right now – all depends on how high I turn up the heat. *grins* But it is a romance story … well, it turns into one.  I think they classify it as Paranormal Romance. There’s a lot of angst and tension in the beginning … the romance grows in the latter part of the story.

I just started writing Matched by Magic yesterday so I am only in Chapter 1 with a word count of 838 words. I will be writing more here shortly.


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Changing Directions

Due to changes in my personal life, especially when it comes to finances, I have had to made some hard decisions about what I do online.  And what it basically boils down to is that I will be scaling back my Internet marketing activities on a large scale. Despite my efforts, things have not worked out as I would have hoped.

I will also be scaling back my main online business of website design. Frankly, I am burnt out. That’s all I’ve done, day in and day out for the last 5 years. As I will mention a few paragraphs down, my life as a whole has suffered for it. No, I am not giving it up entirely. But I won’t schedule myself so tightly as to not have much breathing room. It caused way too much stress.

So, with that said, this blog will be going through a bit of an overhaul over the coming weeks as I shift the focus of the site from not so much traffic exchanges and supporting programs.  They will still be there, but just not as much so.

Since my schedule will change, I will be able to focus more on activities outside of the internet, on activities that have taken a back burner. In the last few years, I have not taken a lot of time for me. Not only has my physical health suffered, but also my emotional and mental health. Now I will have time to engage in activities that I enjoy, such as cross stitching and writing.

Thanks so much for reading my blog during my IM journey. I do hope you stay and continue with me!


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